My FaceBook entry today fits the reason for this blog

Yesterday, I was telling our son Bruce about the 3:30 am phone call I reported here a few days ago about a two-year-old boy hearing spirits tell him that his mother was dead. As we talked over a similar experience we had in Lyons 40 years ago, Patty reminded us that there were two two-year-olds whose situations we dealt with then. I still don’t remember the second one, but my not remembering is nothing new these days. The prophecies about evil abounding in the last days is evident. Horrendous things are happening now that I wonder, “Could a human being do that?” Until Jesus comes, I think we are going to see the horrendous continue but there will oases in this dark, fallen world where there be ministries of deliverance.

26:48 / 1:13:57

Don Basham Dealing with the Dwarf Within


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