THE SIMPLE GOOD NEWS and something more

What is THE GOOD NEWS that gives you eternal life with God instead of eternity without God? As prophesied in Scripture, God became Man in the person of Jesus Christ. As prophesied, Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins to be forgiven, He was buried, He rose from the dead, He is now alive in Heaven and in hearts of believers. When you can and do honestly say, “I believe this about You, my Lord, my Lord Jesus,” He comes into your heart, too.

One verse in the Bible is often called THE GOOD NEWS IN A NUTSHELL. That one verse is in the Gospel of John, third chapter, 16th verse – the famous John 3:16. God’s word there says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Should you not be able to honestly believe and say, “I believe this about You, my Lord, my Lord Jesus,” talk to the Creator about your difficulty. He will meet your need to believe. Years ago when I realized a certain wishy-washiness in my faith and had heard that many ancient prophesies exactly predicted Jesus’ first and second comings, I determined to search the Scriptures to see the predictions for myself. Now, that part is easy with internet searches, but in the early 1970s that seemed a large task. Before I finished the search, I prayed a prayer of consecration while attending a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference at William Jewell College in Missouri. The next day, March 21, 1973, God reacted to my consecration with words of instruction and overwhelming sensations of His presence. As my life changed and I studied to understand what had happened to me, I learned about what the Bible calls being baptized with/in the Holy Spirit. If you’re like I was and have no understanding, read the Bible looking for it. Search the internet on that, too, but examine what you see there that it matches the Bible. As you know, both truth and deception abound on the internet.  If you feel you need to see the Old Testament prophecies that were amazing predictions of Jesus’ coming, check out this site:

Years later, I wrote a prayer of consecration that I keep on my wall behind the computer on which I am writing right now. It opens your life to a fullness available after simple believing. Feel free to copy it for your wall and your prayer time. Feel free to copy it to others.

Holey hands become holy hands when they are often spontaneously raised in praise to The Lamb. As you come to daily understand and experience the consecration prayer, you will come to discover that you have holes in your hands, holes that can no longer hold material things, holes out of which have drained self-centered life, holes in hands that are often lifted spontaneously in praise to The Lamb.

Consecration – a morning prayer
Con (to, add to) secration (the sacred) — consecration (present to, give to God)

Jesus, Lamb of God, You poured out Your life, Your blood, in order that you and I could enjoy each other for eternity. This morning, I pour out my life to you.

This morning again, I give myself to You. I place all my possessions and my very body, soul (mind/will/emotions), and spirit into Your loving hands to do with as You will. I give You my past and my future, my problems and my joys. All are Yours to do with as You will. Thank You for receiving them.

And Lord, Lamb of God, thank you for coming and shedding Your blood for me and letting me know that You are desiring to enjoy me forever. You know the things that are so precious to me that I hesitate to give them up. Yet, seeing You and Your love this morning, I give You permission to make me willing to release those especially precious parts of my life to You.

I receive the fullness of Your Holy Spirit upon me this morning, and I thank You that You have sent Your Spirit within my heart. I trust the Holy Spirit to keep me mindful of Your great love for me throughout this day. Oh, Lord God, I want to love You the way You want me to love You. Grant me faith to realize that hope.

Praise You, Lamb of God. Thank You, Lamb of God, Jesus, my Lord. Amen

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