two-year-old talks with spirits – spiritual warfare begins

This weekend found Patty and I ministering for the third time in our lives in a situation where a two-year-old was communicating with demons.  The first time was in Lyons, Kansas, when a single mother who was in a Satan worship cult came for help for her daughter.  We prayed through, claimed the protection of the blood of Jesus, commanded spirits to flee, and blessed her basement apartment.  The mother turned her life back to Jesus and became a Spirit-filled Christian.  The daughter had no more such experiences.  In this latest episode a demonic manifestation included a broom leaning against an open cabinet door.  The broom had been standing there for several days.  The broom fell to the floor and the cabinet door slammed shut.  The poor single mother was stricken with fear and sought help.

When you do a Bible search or an internet search for Scriptures describing the nature of the last of the last days, abounding evil is part of it.  We will see more and more evidence of the influence of demons.  If you feel the need or the responsibility to be an instrument of God is this battle, it’s time to examine your part in spiritual warfare.  At least, be knowledgeable enough to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We gave this young mother two CD sets on spiritual warfare by Duane Sheriff, a pastor from Durant, Oklahoma.  If you need instruction, I have the weblink below.  As you listen, look for the baby in the bathwater, the baby is beautiful.  Years ago, an old pastor told me that he listens to sermons the same way he eats fish: eat the meat, spit out the bones.  This recording was made some years ago and you may balk at some of his political stances and conclusions, the Biblical truth, spiritual reality, and real-world application is evident.

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