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Two Topekans team up for a Barnes & Noble book signing


Two senior gentlemen, Max Manning (87) and Charles Kayser (72), whose books were published within a month of each other early in 2015, are teaming up for new adventures. One adventure is a joint book signing at Topeka’s Barnes & Noble at 2:00 pm, July 25, 2015. Both Max and Charlie have been featured in Topeka Capital Journal articles and met for the first time after Charlie’s interview. The title of Max’s book is For His Glory, and Charlie’s is A Deeper Life Primer: An Antidote to Shallow Living. Their books compliment each other in such a way that both Max and Charlie would like others to read both books. When you read these two books, you’ll see why.


Max L. Manning is the Director of Global Missions, Inc.. Rev. Manning has spent over 60 years traveling to 64 nations providing missionary work, food, clothing and medical care to those in need.  He is a participating founder of the Topeka Rescue Mission and the founder of “Voice of Faith,” a radio ministry that has broadcast continuously for 58 years. Max’s broadcast airs in several nations and can be heard locally on Topeka’s WIBW 580 radio at 9:00 a.m. Sunday mornings. Rev. Manning was integral in planting more than 100 churches and several orphanages in the West Indies, Mexico and the United States. He is also the author of an earlier book, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. To this day, Max still provides ministry to Haitians and travels there several times each year.


Charles Kayser’s first profession was as a teacher and athletic coach. In church life, Charles has been a pastor, evangelist, teacher, leader in Life-In-The-Spirit Semimars, lay witness mission leader, Sunday School teacher, church board president and holder of many church offices. Charles attended seminaries at Oral Roberts Graduate School of Theology and Saint Paul School of Theology. His varied career also includes work as a salesman, sales manager, and seven years as operator of a family farm. In recent years Charles has found himself in a discipleship ministry and operates the blog


Max Manning can be contacted at and Charlie Kayser at

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