The Heart – the Interface of the Soul and Spirit

The first thing you see when you open my blog is the five-circle diagram with the heart intersecting the soul and the spirit/Spirit. My book, A Deeper Life Primer: An Antidote to Shallow Living, has a chapter about it. I explain that some time back while I was mindlessly walking, the simple phrase came into my mind that the heart is the interface of the soul and the spirit. I wrote about it and diagrammed it and talked about it with others. Later, I discovered that Pastor Bob Yandian had written about it. I’ve posted the link to his writing below. I called Bob to ask him if he came to his conclusion the same way I did. Bob Yandian is much more experienced in pastoral and teaching leadership than I. His answer was that he came to that understanding through his use of Greek and Hebrew in his Bible study. May God bless with His understanding of the matter and may you be blessed.

“The Heart” by Bob Yandian


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