The Mystery of the Falling Woman

Ever experience something worthy of significant thought and then completely forget it? Yesterday before Patty’s appointment in Overland Park, we stopped at Mardel’s where I purchased THE BLOOD AND THE GLORY by Dr. Billye Brim. After Patty’s appointment I shared some of Dr. Brim’s experiences with the demonic realm when Patty reminded me of a couple from Lyons, Kansas, where we lived in the mid-1970s. I had not thought of that couple’s experiences since moving away from there, and had Patty not reminded me, would not have thought of it again.

What would you think if a young couple came to you for help and their story was this? The husband explained that they went to bed one evening with the wife sleeping on her side that was against the wall. In the night the husband was suddenly astonished to see his wife’s body float up and go above his body. In a bit of a panic, he reached over and turned on the light. As the light came on, the young wife had floated a bit further and then crashed to the floor injuring one of her arms.

Yes, what would you think? A few minutes ago, Patty and I could not remember why they came to us. We did have a certain reputation in Lyons, and my position as the high school football coach meant that the majority of people knew who I was. Patty and I were among a large number of people that were experiencing the 1 Corinthians 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit. We also had come to learn of the enemy’s activity as well. Patty had experienced a demonic presence in our house and friends came to her aid in cleansing our house of such a presence. Our learning and praying about that situation led us to learn about demonic presences and how to handle them. Some of the high school kids had experienced demonic activity through Ouija boards and séances. A few the kids and some a little older had become involved in Satan worship. In fact, the leader of the Satan worshippers had played on my football team for a short time.

As this young couple came seeking help and understanding, I began to ask questions looking for the door that Satan had found into the wife’s life. I checked some of the doors that were most familiar to me. I asked whether she had been involved in Satan worship, séances, Ouija boards, table tipping, fortune telling, transcendental meditation, etc.. What was it we finally surmised to be the door? She was a university Psychology student and had been doing school work with biofeedback. By that time I think I had become aware about the controversy regarding Elmer Green’s work at Topeka’s Menninger Clinic. It appears that some people dabble in things of the occult like these and also with astrology with little ill effect while others experience oppression to the extent some would call them possessed. Trusting on non-God things for wisdom and power sometimes open doors to the evil supernatural as do mind emptying exercises. Stay in your right mind and stay in fellowship with the God revealed in the Bible.

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