Grandparents’ Blessing for Marriage

A week before our oldest grandchild’s wedding, my thoughts turned to blessing the marriage.  I have occasionally in my 73 years experienced a certain tingling sensation about my head when it seemed that Jesus was doing something special.  As I started writing the prayer part of this writing, the tingling briefly came.  As time has passed, I have come to believe that the tingling can be Biblically identified as an anointing.  Thus, I believe there is a special anointing of God upon this prayer and upon this marriage.  I also believe that Grandparents who print this out or share this with their grandchildren and then add their own special memory of their own grandchildren will pass on God’s blessing.


Taylor Kayser Wedding Prayer

July 23, 2016, will always be a special day and July 23 will always be helpful to this old grandpa’s memory. July 23 is the birthday of Don, our firstborn child; it is now the wedding day of our firstborn grandchild, Taylor Kayser.

My prayer today represents the love and prayerful hopes of Taylor’s and Tanner’s grandparents, and parents, too. And may all the grandchildren in this room know that something of this goes out to you as well. I am aware that none of my grandparents lived to see all their grandchildren married and so what I pray here and say here is for them as well.

Grandchildren, you cannot know how much your grandparents love you until you become a grandparent yourself. When I became a grandparent, I found myself regretting how little I paid attention to my grandparents as a young man. Yet, it is part of life that a young person starting out in the world must give attention to making his or her own way.

Every grandparent has special things they remember about every grandchild. I want to share a special memory of Taylor and I want all my grandchildren and every grandchild here to consider how each grandparent has a special memory of you.

I remember my first private date with Taylor in Ottawa one warm sunny day. I took little Taytay to the convenience store and she picked out a package of m’s. She, like a big girl, carried the m’s to the checkout. She flapped along in her cute little sandals. Taylor was so cute in her little yellow dress and so small that she had to stand on tiptoes to put the M&Ms on the counter.

Then the two of us arrived across the street for lunch at McDonald’s. We enjoyed our little conversation, and she ate her little hamburger very slowly, very slowly, before she told me, “Grandpa, I have to go to the bathroom.” Well, let me tell you, I absolutely was not emotionally prepared for that; so I said, “Well, let’s go home, shall we?” When I got her in the car and all buckled in, Taylor looked up at me with a big smile; and I was amazed at what I saw. Taylor somehow had stored the hamburger meat inside her lips. It was amazing! A ring of hamburger around her teeth.

Years later, as I was riding my motorcycle I spotted a little yellow sandal on the edge of the road. It instantly reminded me of Taylor and I attached them to my handlebars as a constant memory. I told Taylor about the meaning of the little sandal, and she was reminded of her representation there whenever she saw them. When I sold my last motorcycle, I could not part with my Taytay symbol. I have kept it, and I wear it today. Taylor, I send you the love of all your grandparents today just as I sent to all the grandchildren here today the love of their grandparents.

And so: a final word and a short prayer for you and Tanner on this, your wedding day:

Taylor and Tanner, you cannot know how blessed I feel that the both of you have in times past expressed your personal faith in know our Savior, Jesus. I suspect that you are both ahead of where Patty and I were spiritually when we started out almost 55 years ago. What took us several years to learn perhaps you have already learned. When we hit a really rough patch in our marriage, we each turned to Jesus and not to the other for our happiness. May your marriage be always more than the two of you. May your marriage always be the two of you and Jesus.

I leave you one verse from the Scriptures: In Ecclesiastes 4:12 it is written, “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”


Wedding prayer:

Oh, Father God, oh, heavenly loving Father, we praise You and thank You today for sending Your Son to live, to fulfill prophecy, to die and rise again and for sending the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts that we may know You are real and true.

We especially thank You and praise you this day that Tanner Lewis and Taylor Kayser have come to know You and now also have come to love one another with the intent to be joined together in Your sight and with Your blessing.

This day, we add our blessing to Your blessing, Father. May Tanner and Taylor be always blessed with a constant desire to be consecrated to loving You first. May they always know the Holy Spirit in them, with them, and upon them. Father, as you have presented them to us today, we present them back to you. We put them into Your loving hands today with our love and care. Bless them the rest of their days together, we pray. Use them. Let Your love always shine through them.

We pray in the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus. Amen


 Note to All Grandkids

Grandkids, I was yet thinking this morning again of the probability that your grandmas and grandpas will not be alive for all their grandchildren’s marriages. Yet, you know their love goes on for you and their prayers follow you. Should we be yet alive and you choose to be married, we would hope you will have blessed us as Taylor and Tanner have with expressions of faith. Then I could write for you as I have written for them. Since I may not make it to your special day, I thought I’d go ahead here and mention a memory I have for each of you. Drake, you are the one who never crawled on hands and knees but always on hands and feet. Amazing! Samuel, you are the little teeny kid who opened your bedroom screen, threw your pillow on the ground, jumped on the pillow and ran away. Chandler, you are the amazing kid who watched Drake do amazing jumpings and flips and imitated him to do things few kids your age would ever do. Maggie, you are the precocious one who hadn’t been talking very long when i sat beside you at Samuel’s preschool and heard you recite the Pledge of Allegiance. As you can tell, I’m still amazed. Grant, Grant, you are the one grandchild I first saw when your parents carried you into our house in a basket.  I hate to write this that your fellow grandkids can see, but I must say that you amazed me with your good looks, your perfection.  Maybe it will help the others when I remember again the lines of an old song, “You must have been a beautiful baby, but, boy, look at you now.”  (:-> Aza, you are the one I remember standing on the balcony bench of the German military base apartment, still in diapers I think, and every time a car came into site, you excitedly jumped, pushed on my shoulder and exclaimed, “Car, Daddy! Car, Daddy!” Later during one of your dad’s longer deployments when you lived with us, you started to often call me “Dad.” Joel, how can I forget the picture of you starting out life in the hospital with all kinds of tubes going into your body. But, it wasn’t long before you emerged as a business man selling your wares on the street in front of the house. And, Jesse, you are my active and organized one a bit like your cousin Drake. You could not sit long on my lap although I hungered that you would. I was always amazed that your dolls and other things were often arranged in order whether in your room or at our house. Now, you can all reread my message for Taylor’s and Tanner’s wedding and figure how I would say it with you in mind. God bless you all.

Taylor's sandal

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