The Sin Pile Dog Pile

With God, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day. God and we by faith may see the end from the beginning. Time is earthly. When Jesus was crucified, He became sin for us. He suffered our punishment. God piled our sin on Him and punished Him in our place. I look over my shoulder as though right behind me and I see my sin piled high on the cross with all of yours there, too. We are forever forgiven who can see back there and remember that the punished Jesus rose again and is still alive. Our sin pile remains on the cross and we are free. Hallelujah!
The dog pile and the sin pile
As school kids we used to call “Dog pile on Jeremy!” and everyone would jump on Jeremy.
I propose the whenever Satan wants to pile guilt on us, we call out, “Sin pile on Jesus!”