Settled Science, Racism, and Faith

Settled Science, Racism, and Faith

Yesterday, a goodhearted gentleman a generation younger questioned why I yet sided with political conservatives on the “settled science” of global warming. I write this for you, my grandkids who are yet another generation younger than the goodhearted gentleman.

Somewhere after half my 75 years, I remember the popular press touting global cooling. Then I remember when it turned to global warming. I remember when former Vice President Gore started to put the megaphone to the global warming agenda with his book and video, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Gore presented a picture of melting ice caps and rising oceans with Florida and other vast lands under water. I remember his getting rich setting up and selling carbon credits while Gore himself remained and remains living in mansions. ( One mansion is said to use more carbon credits than 20 houses. Then, I remember when several years during which global cooling slowed or stopped causing the doomsayers to turn the rhetoric to “climate change.” While I suspect that you and I have not the mastery of facts to know detailed truth on the matter, the common sense farmer and preacher in me has stepped back to see ocean levels as my alarm bell. It is written that after the flood God has set the limits of the oceans. So when the oceans rise about six inches, I’ll start to question whether that portion of Scripture can be taken literally. Until then, I’ll lose no sleep on the matter.

I have had reason in the last few years to give much more thought to the ancient issue of racism. If the Bible is to be believed, all the world’s races existed in the eight who survived the great flood on Noah’s ark. Modern DNA studies can see the remnant of all the skin colors in us. 950 years after Noah was born came Moses who was castigated for marrying an Ethiopian. God did not hesitate to show his displeasure to Moses’ accusers. Since Moses is given credit for producing the first five books of the Bible and for knowing about the original eight, he had no qualm about seeing a person of different skin color as an equal worthy of marriage.

While the natural world people have no realistic grasp on the realms of the Holy Spirit, angels, the devil, and demon spirits; they cannot grasp that thought can enter the mind from both good and evil beings. The natural man who usually feels that he is thinking good thoughts feels that he is a good man. The natural man who often thinks bad thoughts feels that he is an evil man. The wise man of God can differentiate. Pity the poor youth put into a mass of another skin color without knowing God’s truth about race. Make double sure before you let your kids be a minority in any society that they know Jesus and God’s truth about race. Of course, if they are not in a minority, the source of evil thoughts has many more available to express his hatred for God’s treasured ones. “You are of no value.” “You don’t matter.” “Nothing matters.” “People are judging you and their judgments are important.” “Because you are thinking bad thoughts, you know that you are evil, don’t you?” “Science has proven that there is no God.” “Was Jesus really resurrected from the dead?” “Why don’t you kill yourself?” etc., etc. Please know the Scripture that God has only good thoughts towards you. Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners and rose again to love us throughout eternity.

Faith is something you can be sure about both on the intellectual level and on the experiential level. Although I was a believer from youth, I had a brief period of questioning and even wondered about Buddhism/Hinduism. I also remember a time of weakening faith and of re-reading Josh McDowell’s EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT. After that re-reading, I felt silly that I had ever doubted. In the last decade I have cherished and used in ministry Dr. Chuck Missler’s video series LEARN THE BIBLE IN 24 HOURS. I spent a good sum for the series; now he has made the upgraded version free on his website and on Youtube.

As for the experience level, you, no doubt, have already heard much. It inhabits much of my blog at The Galatians 5:22-23 gifts are yours for the asking and believing as are the other gifts and callings outlined in many Scriptures. Happy believing! Looking forward to a great eternity with you. May the rest of your life include the balance of knowledge and experience explained in the Bible.

Barebones, realistic, open-hearted study of the Bible’s books of Luke and Acts reveal that Paul (and the Holy Spirit) always encouraged and looked for the born-again baptized correctly in water experience, the baptism with the Holy Spirit and accompanying signs experience, and the continued life of walking in the Spirit experience. If you don’t see it, consider reading those two books until you do. Blessing awaits.