Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM on a world scale

My first six years of classroom teaching was in 8th grade English where we read the George Orwell book and watched the cartoon movie ANIMAL FARM. It was about how how oligarchies undermine each other and their techniques to control the populace. The Marxist oligarchy overcame the fascist oligarchy. Is it taught any more? Did you ever consider the Scriptures’ pointing to a world oligarchy coming. Stalinist, Maoist, and Hitlerian control on steroids coming – no private industry, no private weapons, no non-government media, no religion except the one of atheism, no place to which to escape control – hoping and believing with some reservation that the harpazo, the rapture of the church is pre-tribulation . . .

The history of fulfilled prophecy regarding world events, people, and the first coming of Jesus Christ give reason to believe the prophecies regarding the last days and the last of the last days.

On March 6, 2015, my FaceBook entry is:

Read Daniel, Jesus, and Revelation and other end times Scripture to know that as time runs down the antiChrist system holds total control for a season. The system gets its control using a combination of useful idiots (who are often considered geniuses), lemmings, and fellow travelers. The goal of the system is total control of communications and all other meaningful aspects of life. The beast in the system hates those who even “love” the system.
As the mechanization of society advances to be recognized for its goal of total control, fear sets in. However, the fear that drives the resulting craziness of society brings peace to the people of understanding – people who understand the prophesied present and know the prophesied future. The Holy Spirit gives peace as the world system gives only fear.
I hear again the words of the Ray Hildebrand song: “But the winds that seemed to drive them brought to us peace and rest.”

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