While in a college geology class, I learned from my professor that evolution was God’s method of creation.  My dear wife,Patty, maintained the more literal Biblical view and we amiably disagreed for years.  When I read the new 1985 book by cellular biologist Michael Denton, EVOLUTION: A THEORY IN CRISIS, my thinking solidified away from evolution, but the debate rages on for man and will keep raging. (Today, 3/10/16, I learned that Dr. Denton has now written EVOLUTION: STILL A THEORY IN CRISIS) As the years have passed, I have kept up to date in my layman sort of way on microbiology, DNA, particle physics, and deep space discoveries to be convinced that my wife was right.  I have a chapter about the subject in my forthcoming book, A DEEPER LIFE PRIMER: AN ANTIDOTE TO SHALLOW LIVING. (My book was published by Laurus Books March, 2015.)

For a wonderful review of how intelligent design evidence has been building over recent history and answers to questions some of which everyone still holds, examine this site:



As I was learning evolution from my professor, I missed a milestone book printed in 1961, THE GENESIS FLOOD by Henry Morris and John C. Whitcomb.


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