Living Safely with Spirits – be wary of spirits impersonating the dead

LIVING SAFELY WITH SPIRITS – be wary of spirits impersonating the dead

Many of us live in awareness of contact with spirits. We may see them, hear them, feel them, observe the results of their movement and influence, and perceive their thoughts in different ways, The final stories of those living with spirits have various ends: some in peace and joy; others in horror. The hope of this writing is to lead the reader to an end filled with peace, joy, and love.

What quickly becomes obvious to those watching the spirit world is that there are good and bad spirits, spirits that wish to help and spirits that wish to harm and deceive. A common but deceptive view is that good and evil spirits are the light and dark side of an impersonal force that we can control by our wills.  For those with that view, it is observed that often spirits they once sought to control are discovered to be the controllers. What becomes apparent with time and experience is that there are two separate forces each seeking personal influence. There is no impersonal force save the laws of nature.

History is filled with stories of those who seemed for a while to be helped by a seemingly kind spirit or the spirit of a dead person only to have their lives become centered around that spirit. Realize that all spirits are ancient and some are sent from God to truly and only help. Others are rebellious spirits who may romance us for a season but with the ultimate intent to kill, steal, and destroy. How do we recognize the deceptive ones?



It is fascinating that whether you are a Christian or not, there is an ancient test for spirits that involves a simple question about Jesus. Even those of us who do not believe that Jesus was raised from the dead know that he lived and was crucified by the Romans. We all know that when he was crucified, his blood came from his body just as it had from every other crucified victim. Jesus Christ was a man of flesh and blood just as we are. The simple test is to just listen to the spirit or perhaps ask the spirit directly, “Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh?”

“Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh?” It’s such a simple question to which we know the answer. How does your spirit answer that? If the spirit says something different, you know your end with it will not be happy. You will cause even more consternation in the spirit by mentioning Jesus’ blood. It is written that in the last days, the evil one will be overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb. Interesting, isn’t it?


Because the bad spirits will deny that Jesus had a flesh and blood body and will react to mention of Jesus’ blood, how can we limit our experience to only good spirits? While there is a hierarchy of bad spirits from ancient times, there is a much more vast and powerful array of good spirits. First, different from the evil hierarchy of mere individual spirits, there is an all-pervasive good spirit filling the universe known by many names such as The Helper, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of God, etc.. Under control of The Helper are the good spirits also known as ministering spirits, angels, and heavenly hosts.

So, how can you deal only with the good spirits? It’s simple; renounce the bad hierarchy and live under the dominion and protection of the good hierarchy. When you realize that the bad hierarchy denounces the reality of Jesus, you can read and/or hear the good news that Jesus is the prophesied Lamb of God who was sacrificed instead of you for your sins. Reading the Bible’s book called John is especially good to help your understanding. The proof of that message will include the miracle of your believing the Bible and history that proclaims that God raised Jesus from the dead and that He is still alive. When faith in the resurrection comes, you will have changed hierarchies, changed kingdoms, changed rulers.



If any bad spirits have actually inhabited your soul, it is doubly important that you ask the pervasive Spirit of God to fill you. Once bad spirits leave, they will seek to re-enter. Not only do they seek to re-enter, but they bring other bad spirits. Having the Holy Spirit within keeps them without. If any bad spirits have merely been influencing you, your continuing allegiance to the pervasive Spirit of God will keep them at bay. Along with that new allegiance, helping spirits will join in your aid.

While the pervasive Holy Spirit will join with your spirit, the angels (good spirits) will not. It is only the bad spirits that seek to live in a body. If you happen to have a bad spirit living within, you may need to seek a true believing Christian to cast them out.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, you are a forgiven and died-for person. God loves you, continuously loves you and wants you free.


for further study consider:

the section on demons and angels in Nathaniel M. Van Cleave’s Foundations of Spirit-Filled Theology

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