Book: A Deeper Life Primer: An Antidote to Shallow Living

Do you suspect that you are living a somewhat more frivolous life than what matches the value of your living?  Would you be fascinated to see a vision that the author saw in recent times?  This little book is out now in print form.  Audio and digital versions will soon follow.  You can find it now at Laurus Books,, and other places with an internet search for “A Deeper Life Primer Charles Kayser.”

Yesterday, April 10, 2015, I completed the recording for the audio version of A Deeper Life Primer with Topeka, Kansas, producer Randy Wills of Exceptions Studio.  Last night celebration happened as son Bruce Kayser and wife Nancy treated Patty and me to dinner at Topeka’s Row House Restaurant.

As soon as the print version was completed, something happened sooner than I expected.  A Deeper Life Primer has a number of web links to support its understandings; I expected some sites to be taken from the internet as time passed.  However, two down sites were discovered right away although they may be down only temporarily.  This morning, a reader noted to me that the link on page six does not work.  If and when you come to page six, the correct link is at:

This morning, a reader alerted me to another wonderful supplement to the O.D.O.M. Discipleship Bibliography List.  (Hmm, there, I’ve capitalized it all.  I wish I had done that in the book.  (:->   )  The first book/video series on the list is Chuck Missler’s Through the Bible in 24 Hours.  A supplemental and wonderfully done video regarding the trustworthiness of the Bible for holding the truth is at:

To listen and/or buy CDs and/or downloads, check the site below:

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