My July 19, 2013 Dream/Vision – reported in my book: A DEEPER LIFE PRIMER

drawn and explained in Addendum #3 of A Deeper Life Primer: An Antidote to Shallow Living by Charles Edward Kayser – click on the drawing to make it appear larger – Can you imagine how it is also a picture of Christ?
primer chart 5x14

I explain in my book that the five circles had been drawn over a period of time as revelation of Scripture developed an understanding of how God moves His Spirit through the life of yielded believers. July 19, 2013, while camping in Rocky Mountain National Park one morning, I suddenly found myself looking at a larger picture that had all the words going off the page in three directions. I knew all the words were descriptions of God, but they were fuzzy for me to read. I reached to clear my eyes and was amazed to find them closed. I then realized that I was looking at a vision or having a dream. What I added to this drawing are two things: “manifold attributes of God” and “world.”


On January 30, 2017, I wrote the following Facebook entry about soul anchors:

Thinking about anchors of the soul this morning. What anchors your soul? When one considers what we know of sub-atomic particles, it is plausible that matter is actually nothing in motion – perhaps we can say it is all spirit. What anchors us in this sea of nothingness?
Only God knows the anchors of our souls, the things deep in us that keep us rooted to the One who spoke matter into existence.
We know more the depth of another human when we know what he or she considers soul anchors. What are your soul anchors? I risk showing mine today, if you are interested. If not, you can again easily pass them by.
1. raised in a home where the Bible was read, meals were prayed over, where verses were quoted, church was attended, and where Billy Graham and Oral Roberts were watched.
2. born again and baptized in youth
3. at age 26 heard a more clear explanation of how Jesus’ shed blood showed His paying the penalty I deserved for sin
4. at age 30 baptized with the Holy Spirit followed a few months later with beginning the experience of praying with my spirit according to 1 Corinthians 14:14-15
5. at age 68 heard clearly in my heart early one morning, “Cultivate the intimate.”
6. at age 70 had a dream/vision that is stored in the depths and on the surface of my soul. What is saw then is part of my every day, it is my screen saver, it is in my book, it is something God uses to explain many Scriptures to me. This morning I saw how the fruit of the Spirit listed at Galatians 5:22-23 are God’s nature that are in increasing measure designed to pass through our crucified lives to a fallen world.

My July 19, 2013 Dream/Vision – reported in my book: A DEEPER LIFE PRIMER drawn and explained in…

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